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About Us

About Us

Gestion Stratégique Future Vision; Future Vision Strategic Management is made up of a team of lawyers and legal professionals who strive to represent the best interests of their clients in an efficient, diligent and professional manner. Drawing upon the practical experience and knowledge gained over more than two decades of business, we offer meaningful advice and comprehensive benefits to our clients that exceed those available from traditional immigration, citizenship and visa service providers.

Future Vision Strategic Management has an extensive network of accountants, investment bankers, lawyers and international business consultants who provide each client with customized service and expert advice. From corporate affairs to legal issues, we provide tailored services to our clients and refer them to experts who will always keep their best interests as a top priority.

Our comprehensive knowledge of multi-country business immigration programs enables our legal team to understand the specific challenges faced by each one of our clients. We are able to deliver practical and legal solutions while recognizing that no two clients are alike. Individualized strategies and procedures are designed and implemented according to each client’s own unique needs and circumstances.

The consultation and legal service available at Future Vision Strategic Management is distinguished from other comparable corporations by our ability to operate within the structure of the law in a creative, lateral and innovative manner in order to achieve each client’s unique objective. Our chief goal at Future Vision Strategic Management is to produce optimum results rather than settling for an acceptable solution.

Established in Canada in 1996, Future Vision Strategic Management has helped thousands of clients realize a better future for themselves and their families in a variety of areas around the world. Future Vision Strategic Management offers representatives in offices in the Middle East, Africa and China. Our legal team frequently travels around the globe to create and maintain important relationships with clients as well as to promote the services of the company to a global audience.

Clients always have the option of submitting an application on their own, but doing so could result in unnecessary aggravation and inconvenience on the part of the client. This may be one of the most important decisions you and your household ever make. Minimize the risk of mistake and damage by utilizing the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Future Vision Strategic Management to organize, prepare and submit customized applications that get results.

Joseph Kazandjian
Chairman and CEO

Picture of Joseph Kazandjian Chairman and CEO with H.H. The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.