Investing in Antigua and Barbuda | Application Tips
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Application Tips

Citizenship Application Tips

  • For the first five years, successful applicants must spend at least 5 days in the country of Antigua and Barbuda in order to retain citizenship. Once five years has passed, there are no further residency requirements.
  • Children who are going to college and have not yet reached age 25 can be granted status as children of the primary applicant.
  • All documents must be lawfully certified and authenticated in accordance with regulations in the country or region where the document originates. In certifying each document, the certifying official must include his or her full name in all capital letters, state the official capacity of action and include the official’s address and phone number as well as an e-mail address if applicable. When a notary public certifies a document to be a true copy of an original, validation by an apostille usually is required.
  • Applications will be checked for accuracy. Information that is not 100% true is cause for rejection.
  • All family members must be in good health. A report from a medical practitioner that reveals the possibility of a member carrying a contagious disease or suffering from severe health problems will prevent acceptance of the application.
  • If an applicant or an applicant’s family member has a criminal record or currently is under criminal investigation, applicants likely will be determined ineligible for citizenship.
  • The application of anyone who poses a national security risk or is involved in activities that would reflect negatively on Antigua and Barbuda will not be considered.
  • Citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Yeman and Iran who are residents of their native countries currently are ineligible for citizenship.

How to Obtain a New Citizenship Passport

Here is a partial list of items needed in order to obtain a passport issued by Antigua and Barbuda.

  • If married, the applicant’s marriage certificate
  • Valid birth certificates for each person
  • A copy of the page with the applicant’s picture and personal details, known as the “bio-data” page, from each applicant’s passport that was issued by the applicant’s home country
  • For each applicant, two original photographs that were taken within the last six months

To view the instructions and application for adults, click here.

Once you hold an Antigua and Barbuda passport, you can travel without a visa to 132 other countries. A few of these are Norway, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Guatemala and Peru.

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Citizenship application forms

  1. Citizenship by investment application Form AB1 – Click here
  2. Photograph and signature certificate form AB2 – Click here
  3. Medical certificate Form AB3 – Click here
  4. Investment confirmation form AB4 – Click here
  5. Agent form AB5 – Click here